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Sausalito Bike Rentals is your premier provider of bike rentals in Sausalito, CA. Being a photographer and an artist, we appreciate the magnificent beauty all around. We receive incredible reviews about the wonderful experiences and fun that our customers are able to enjoy. We provide top-of-the-line customer service and the best bike adventures, ensuring that we always cater to our customers' needs. Our bikes and other rental equipment are always kept in immaculate condition, and we ensure to provide the best deal possible with all our rentals.

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We are dedicated to providing you with an experience you cannot get anywhere else. Our goal is to ensure our staff is attentive to the client's every need and 100% satisfied with their experience. We are committed to creating lifelong friends and clients by offering an unparalleled experience, such as a ride to the Golden Gate Bridge. Contact Sausalito Bike Rentals today, and we will give you a comprehensive description of all the services and products we offer to help you enjoy an escape from the ordinary!

Enjoy a free beer after your ride at the iconic Seahorse Restaurant!
Courtesy of Sausalito Bike Rentals!

Enjoy a meal at Sausalito Seahorse. Call us to plan your event. Groups up to 25

**FERRY & Bike Rides, get out of the city and take the Ferry over to Sausalito or to Angel Island
$20 delivery per bike at Sausalito Ferry Landing
$25 for delivery per bike at Angel Island
Call us at (415) 326-7569

ebike to the golden gate bridge located behind the seahorse restaurant**

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